Studer multitracks - the tape legend is alive!

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In a market increasingly dominated by the ubiquitous Pro Tools it seems almost impossible to think of - but GearBox is currently able to offer classic analogue and digital multitrack Studer tape recorders from brand new stock! Yes, it's in the same league as Aztec gold in the jungle, Lord Lucan on Shergar or Spurs winning the double - but a small number of Studer recorders were recently found crated up in a Swiss warehouse.

GearBox therefore brings you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire an industry-standard recorder of legendary quality at a fantastic price. Very limited quantities of the Studer A827 Gold Edition analogue 24 track (below) and the D827 MkII MCH 24/48 track DASH digital recorder are on offer.

The Studer A827 Gold Edition was the last in a line of superb-sounding analogue multitrack machines that included the Studer A80, A800 and A820 Two-inch tape recorders.

The Studer D827 MkII (below) can be configured as a 16-bit 48-track recorder or 24-bit 24-track recorder. This was the machine that convinced Mitsubishi to get out of the pro audio recording sector all together!

Own a piece of audio history. Please call GearBox for further details. But hurry, these machines are only available while stocks last.

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